How to properly use a tripod for camera?

June 15, 2019
camera tripod

Photography is an art which needs a disciplined eye and mind. If you need to capture a perfect image then apart from a creative touch you need to have an understanding of using a camera and its accessories properly. This is also true for tripods as you can find many photographers who struggle with it. Therefore, swim through the write-up to learn how to properly use a tripod for camera.

Be clear with photo composition

Setting up a tripod must never be done before finding a composition that synchronizes with your idea. Once you are ready with this then only set your tripod. You may take help of your viewfinder to select a good composition of a photo.

Keep one leg of tripod towards the subject

Once you know the composition and your subject are ready, then you start setting up a tripod. Now, many of you who do not how to properly use a tripod for camera, it is important to remember that one leg of the tripod must point towards the subject of your photo shoot and you stand between the other two legs, thereby preventing the tripod from tripping over and offer stability to the camera.

Center post must be vertical and perpendicular to the ground

The weight of the camera needs to be distributed evenly and so you must keep the center post vertical and perpendicular to the ground. The bubble levels attached to the center post can help you a great deal to level the tripod.  

Do not extend the center post

You need to understand that extending a center post can make the legs of the tripod less stable. Therefore, you must use the center post only as a last resort and must not get frustrated in setting it, as it helps in taking sharpest image possible by offering you the proper height.

Hang heavy object from the center post

If you want to give extra stability to your camera then you must put heavyweight like camera bag from the center post. Most of the tripods have a hook but in case you do not find one then just check if you can use a hook from outside.  


Capturing photos from a camera requires hands-on experience in using a tripod and that is why here some of the points were discussed to help you know how to properly use a tripod for camera. So, this time when you are outside clicking some pictures then use the aforementioned tips to use a tripod and it will offer you amazing results.